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Why would I want continuous gas hot water?

You are only heating the water as you need it, Therefore saving power compared to a conventional electric hot water cylinder. There are pros and cons to both systems.

Can I install gas hot water if I’m not on mains gas?

Yes, There are gas units on the market that will run on LPG which is readily available in most areas.

My toilet fills slowly, fills intermittently, doesn’t stop filling…what should I do?

This can be caused by worn washers usually. And are simple to replace. Occasionally the whole valving system will need replacing depending on if the parts are available.

Why do I need to get a licensed plumber, gasfitter to do the work?

Because it is illegal to do plumbing or gasfittng work without a suitable practicing license. If unsure, ask your tradesman to see their license card.

How can I improve my water pressure?

A lot of plumbers will tell you that you will need a new hot water system, Although it is the best way, there is a way to do it without breaking the bank. Most times you will have the option of installing an inline pump which will help boost the hot water pressure at the fraction of the cost of a new system.

Can you provide other trades to work in with you?

Yes, We have a vast network of experienced tradesmen who we often work with to complete your job hassle free.